Hi Just a few words to get to know me…

I have been smitten with photography since a teenager and still am. I love weddings … who doesn’t. Weddings are full of emotion, passion, fun, joy, anticipation and drama all waiting for someone to tell the story… .

My feeling is it is not just the story that is unfolding but the what the couple wants to say. And that is why I call what I do dramatic photojournalism, with dramatised and authentic moments.

I will chase colour and light as well as fleeting body language as it inspires me. My favourite images now (2014) will have both softness and graphics, they will be alive… and my favourite lens is at the moment is 35mm. I have shot more than 1000 weddings a few camera models ago, mostly in Melbourne but lots of other places as well.

On other minor notes, my too kids think I am only a little bit funny and are not sure how anybody could actually laugh as my jokes, I am a bit of a heath nut, although I will indulge in a strong latte when I can, I actually like walking in parks, and evenings on the beach and my favourite colour varies but will always be a pastel.



Julian Meehan was awarded the Ian Hawthorn photography award, and his wedding photography been published in The Age newspaper. His clients find his sense of humour delightful and find him effortless to work with.

Recently, Julian was awarded 2nd place at the ISPWP Summer 2011 Awards in "The Wedding Dress" category and also the 4th and 12th placements at the ISPWP Spring Awards in the "All About Light" and "Pure Art" categories.

"Julian was so easy to work with and made the whole bridal party feel at ease! He was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we got the perfect shot—and this was always the case as our album is stunning!"—Jean & Jeryl, 2010.

"Julian made us laugh and the photos are just gorgeous."—Jessica & Paul, 2010.

"Julian is a very talented photographer—our shots are very natural and expressive with wonderful vibrant colours."—Marcus & Julia, 2009.

" Julian does really, really great work—he worked so hard on the day, and kept us laughing."—Tina & Andrew, 2010.