Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photography style?

I call my style - dramatized-photojournalistic.

I shoot in a semi-directed photojournalistic style using both both free flowing and dramatized forms for a maximum of expression.

How many weddings?

I have shot over 1000 weddings in 20 years giving us a wealth of experience to bring to your wedding. I am familiar with the ceremony styles of many cultures, traditions and have catered to a vast variety of unique photographic requests.

Do you only shoot weddings?

Weddings and other events.

How many photos do you generally take on the day?

More than enough—about 3000 images. I find that it is nearly impossible to shoot too much if the images are good.

Paris, Rome, Bali?

I love exciting travel and are willing to organise great travel wedding package deals. With the Australian dollar very high destination weddings are now exciting option and we are very willing to help you out…

Files on disk?

What happens if I want more photos later on for friends and family? We are enthusiastic about supplying the photos to you in a way that will fulfil your needs in the years and decades to come. Packages generally come with 1000 Jpeg files for you to print.

What gear do you use?

Nikon. The long answer is take a large range of gear on a wedding and it changes from wedding to wedding. Most of it however most remains in the boot of the car—just in case. There is always 2 proffessional camera bodies, flashes, 100s GB of memory card and 6 or more lenses. Remote lighting techniques is a large part our look so there is always some slaves and then other technical photography things as well…

Do you have location ideas?

Yes. I have photographed In Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, having previously lived in Sydney—now living in Melbourne. Just think of the themes that you want. I will think of some location ideas to get the look that you want while optimising the drive time and available light. Often with out of town locations a kick start is useful with a few location ideas for us to check out when I arrive in town.

Pricing variations

There are discounts for very short days and slow wedding dates such as winter and midweek days. Anybody arriving on an elephant...? Interesting weddings can also attract significant discounts... just because I like doing fun stuff.

Album variations

I have access to a number of albums manufactures so if i do not have a sample I could still probably source an album in your favourite album.

Do you bring an assistant?

Generally not although it ca be arranged if the event requires it. The last 1000 weddings or so I have shot assistant free so the work you see is representative my work.

Will I get julian or Joe or joel?

Julian. There won't be any strangers on the day - I shoot all my own weddings so the work you see in the folio same as you get.